Osaka Red LLC are a team of talented programmers, engineers and tech-savvy marketers. We are here to make or enhance your product and make it successful. Contact us to discuss your project. Even in cases when we don't believe we are a good match for a project, we have a network of trusted technology professionals we can connect you with who will be up to your challenge.

Custom Software

We have years of experience with various tools and are always keeping up with newer techniques to get more power from computers. Contact us with your project idea for a free quote.

E-Marketing and Software Consulting

We have over a decade of experience in Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and were early adopters in the use of social networking to expand market share. More importantly, we know what tool is right for what job, cutting through a sea of hype and buzzwords to which technologies have real potential to grow your business.


Have our talented engineers create something for you, whether it is a complete end-to-end solution or a class for your engineers to incorporate into your project.


We provide training for our software as well as some selected third party products. We also provide training on technologies for developers.

Open Source

We live, breath and eat open source. We can help you navigate the different types of licenses and how to reap the benefits of community-based development.


Contact us to get a free consultation. Whether or not we or our products are the right fit for your project, we can help point you in the right direction.

Technical Writing

Whether it's a manual for your software product or api documentation, we can present your information in a way that's helpful for multiple skill levels.


Ensure an embarrassment-free web presence even in the 21st century. Don't misuse memes, consult with marketers who natively speak web.

Open Source Consulting

Osaka Red LLC protects your business secrets and delivers value to you with minimal overhead through our open-source based approach. We create the code you need for your project in a completely free license such as BSD or MIT, which you are free to integrate into your code whether it is closed or open source.

To see if your project is a good candidate for our innovative open-source approach, please contact us and an open source consultant will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Even if you don't need us to code solutions for you, our open-source consultants can give a quick, free consultation on how to best navigate the world of community-based software development.