About Us

Based out of Sparks, NV in the Eastern Sierra, Osaka Red LLC is committed to bringing awesome tech to people in various industries, from musicians to lab technicians working for medical companies.

We strive for code quality and not writing code we'd be embarrassed to let the world see. To that end, more and more of the code we write is open source and available on our github.

We believe that software should be as user-friendly as possible as the purpose of software is to serve users not the other way around. And we include code quality in our concept of user-friendliness as a coder represents one type of user. If a client cannot easily reuse code they paid for, then they did not get a good what they paid for.

Our focus stays always on our core values - quality, good technology, friendly user-interface and innovation. We deliver the unlikely, regularly and do the impossible in reasonable time. Osaka Red is always a step ahead of an industry riddled with the counter-intuitive and the tedious.

If you see potential in us as a partner for you project, contact us with your ideas and look at our services.

Portrait of Thomas

Thomas J. Webb (aka Webbmaster)

Software Engineer/Inventor

Thomas is our senior developer and product line strategist. Holding a BS in Business Administration, he is a self-taught programmer who always stays up with the latest technologies and applies them to our growing line of products and solutions for our customers. He has his name on a patent related to music entertainment software.

Check out Thomas' tech blog, where he regularly updates the world with his thoughts on technology trends and random tips and workarounds based on whatever problem he happens to be working on at the time. Warning: it's a wild ride! He might be doing embedded programming one minute, and dev ops the next.