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HaxeHybrid 2022

And That's a Wrap!

Thanks everyone who made this possible or attended. See the talks below.

Join Us

Join us for an unofficial 1-day meetup for anyone interested in the world of the Haxe programming language, in-person @ WeWork 222 Pacific Coast Highway or virtually on August 1st, 2022. Speakers and attendies may be in person or remote and we will do everything we can to ensure everyone feels included as part of a seamless experience.

Whether you're a seasoned Haxe developer or someone new to programming or Haxe, there should be something for you. Whether you use Haxe for games or web applications or in the growing world of business and industrial uses of Haxe, there will be something of interest. Please follow us on twitter to get the latest updates on this event.

Tickets are available! The event is free to attend and doesn't require tickets, but the donation-based tickets help us establish a head count to determine the venue and anything in excess of hosting costs will be donated to the venue, if it's a non-profit org, or to the Haxe foundation. Please get tickets here.

HaxeHybrid 2022